Staff Issues

September 4, 2010

Within any job force there are always going to be Staff Issues, within the Nursing Industry it seems to be a huge turn over of staff, and a very short supply of employee’s to call upon.

Staff Issues

Nursing is a really demanding full on job, with a huge responsibility placed into ones hand. Really – think about it….a Nurse is in charge of a person’s life for the entire shift, and imagine if that carer needs to cover for a shortage of staff. That could equate to a double shift, a shift that could start at 6.00 am and sometimes finish at 8.00pm. At less than $20.00 an hour – who would like to be doing that?

Staff Call In Sick

With winter coming to an end and summer only around the corner many of the staff are coming down with lots of bugs and are calling in sick. If you have one staff member call in sick – then the Registered Nurse (R.N) needs to ask all of the other Carers to either return for a evening/afternoon shift which means doing a double shift. If all the Carer are asked and can not cover the short fall then the phone calls around the Carer start. If the Carers that are called can not came in – then the agency are called up.

If the agency do not have a spare Personal Carer Worker (P.C.W) available then what??? Usually that means the facility is very short staffed or worse there are no staff.

Staff Issues Australia Wide

Its seems to be a issue that is within the Nursing Industry. Be it in Private Hospitals/Hospitals, Retirement homes, Nursing Homes or Home Care a shortage of staff is high. There are not enough P.C.W/A.I.N (assistant in nursing), E.E.N or R.N. To be qualified to be employed in the industry takes time and money. Money that is spent to be qualified, yet when you are finished with a certificate you are not paid highly. See – this industry is so not about money, but about loving what you do for a job.

There needs to be return for your time and for you buck. If the industry paid for its workers fairly then maybe there would not be a shortage of staff, and also keep the staff that are qualified. Maybe then there would not be such a high turn over.

When There Are No Staff?

This can happen. What does this mean for the aged care facility? Last night this happened. All of the staff that were rostered on could not get to work. Three staff members down, no one able to fill those positions within the facility, and then no one available through the agency…..who is greatly affected? The residents/clients are the ones who miss out. They are the ones that suffer. No one to help them with getting to dinner. No one to help with getting them to bed. No one to check on them during the night. Not a great situation to be. That is a huge Staff Issue.

Whats The Solution To Staff Issues?

Find a way to keep the staff, find a way to entice more staff into the industry. Improve the work conditions, Improve the pay conditions and see the results.

What are your thoughts? Do you see a staff issue in your work place?

Nursing Issues – Nursing with love

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