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September 11, 2010

Within the Nursing Industry there are lots of rules and regulations. So many that the nursing Stations have folders on different legal requirements for each section of nursing. If you were to go and look for the folders that contain the information there will be one huge folder with all the legal jargon on “Nursing Standard”.

Nursing Standard

Due to each and everyone having different personalities and different ways of caring for residents/patients/clients there was a system set in place so that Nursing Standards are kept and met. So if you are a Nurse, no matter what your personality is, there is a certain Standard that needs to be carried out in the work force. If you are audited and the Standards are not met then the facility where you are working will soon be shut down or have their founding taken away.

Definitions of Standards

Nursing Standards” are the minimum level of care that must be afforded to all residents in care. No matter what age, sex, status the person is they all must be cared for in the same manor. The Standards come within the Commonwealth Aged Care Act and are law. If for any reasons the Standards are not met in the facility/hospital then the facility will not be awarded Accreditation. If the facility does lose accreditation then they can not admit new residents until all standards are met.

What Does Nursing Standard Really Mean?

It means that the nurses within an organisation needs to prove (with paper work) that the patient/clients needs are being met. The needs vary from one person to another due to their care plan, so each resident have assessments carried out upon admission and then every 12 months if not before. That way each resident/client receive a minimum level of care and the facility stands out as being a facility that cares for their people.

Before Nursing Standards

The Commonwealth Aged Care Act came into effect in 1997.  Due to the lack of some nursing homes, and the way some residents were treated…..there was a massive move in the industry and lots of Aged care homes were closed home. Since 1997 Aged Care Homes have to meet certain standard, and continue to improve each and every year.

How Is Your Aged Care Facility?

Is the Nursing Home you working at meeting the Nursing Standards that are required? Due to the lack of time and staff some places are failing to provide the care that the residents require. Its actually an industry that needs a good shake up. Be it from the Government or the board of directory’s. There is such a shortage of staff that most places are taking short cuts, and in the long run the residents suffer.

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