Workplace Bullying

January 20, 2011

Recently I came across a situation at work where I was so blown away….I did not realise that Workplace Bullying was occurring where I currently work as AIN (Assistance In Nursing). What really surprised me was this place is a new facility, with all new staff members yet there is one or two members who are targeting one particular carer.

Workplace Bullying Is Live

I never realised that our workplace was like that….where one or two carers feel like picking on another carer. It was very sad to listen to the story, and I was also very upset. I was hurting for the carer who is being bullied, and mad that it was continuing. What ever happened to working together as a team for the rights of the residents. What about putting the residents care above our own feelings? Surely in this day and age two mature adults can behave in a manner that is respectful towards each other?

Behind The Bullying

Lies a small person. It takes a small person to bully another person. It takes a coward to be a bully…..the bully must feel like they are lacking in some way so feel like its OK to make another person feel bad. That is not acceptable, nor should it happen but it does. If you work in the Nursing Industry you would see it happening, and if are a part of the bullying act then you need to realise that you are hurting more than one person – you are hurting the team. It takes team work to work together in Nursing Homes to make the residents feel loved, safe, cared for and part of the human race. If one team member is not working as part of the team then everyone suffers.

Not Being Able To Prove The Bullying

What makes it even more difficult for the person that is being Bullied is the fact that the incidents of Workplace Bullying is (considered) not happening because their is no evidence. Its hard to prove that a bully is behaving in a manner that is not acceptable because they are sly with how they bully. They go behind the backs of all staff members, management teams and sometimes in situations where no one is able to hear what they are saying. To try to prove that you are being bullied is no easy task.

Tell Someone Close That You Can Trust

If you are being bullied – and you feel like you are not able to work effectively because of the Workplace Bullying then report it to another person….someone close to you that you can trust. Ask them to keep quiet about what you are about to say, and ask them what they would do if they were in your shoes. Listen carefully to their advice, but at the end of the day its important that you make a decision that feels comfortable to you. You are important, and you do not deserve to be treated that way. As a human being you deserve respect, and the right to feel comfortable at work.

If at all possible see if another team member (someone you do trust) will stay with you while you are working a shift with the bully. Take note of the time/date that the bullying has occurred. Document your specific details about how you are being bullied and the outcome of the situation. See if there is a management team member who you do trust and speak out about your Workplace bullying. If you are being bullied then my heart goes out to you – its not nice to be on the receiving end of a bully attack and should never be allowed to continue. If you are the bully then remember what goes around comes around!

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One Response to Workplace Bullying

  1. MissRationality on May 31, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    When nurses decide to report that bullying they are experiencing is coming from their colleagues – the NUM, ANUM, Educators and of course their colleagues, something may just be done about bullying. For some reason nurses constantly name Hospital Management as the bullies when they really mean Nursing Administration and so the topic or cause of the problem is never actually identified. Develop a little dash and solve the problem of bullying BY nurses.

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