Nursing Job Description

September 21, 2010

With the Nursing Industry there are many different Nursing Job Description that goes hand in hand when you are Nursing. When you look for Nursing Job Description within your own work place, there will be a folder that contains many pages of what is expected of you…broken down into many steps.

Nursing Job Description

When you start out in the industry you will be very surprised with what jobs are expected as you work at your facility/hospital/nursing home. There are the day to day living care, and then there are many nursing issues that need to be carried out all within a certain time frame.  If for example your shift at work only goes for 5 1/2 hours then you have your work cut out for you. Even if you have a 8 hour shift then again you are run off your feet.

General Duties

Within a Nursing Job Description you will have General Duties. Many that have a very tight time frame. Especially for those that are on the morning shift. Not sure if you are aware how much is expected from a Nurse in the mornings. From 6.00 am till 8.00 am every resident in an aged care nursing home needs to be woken up, showered – dressed, beds made and ready for breakfast.

Here is a small run down of a morning shift in a facility that has residents that are still fairly active – with a Nurse looking after 14 people.

  • start at 6.00 am by waking up 14 residents – knocking on their door and greeting them with “Good mornings”
  • Look at the list of residents who care needs to be carried out first, followed by the next and then the next – assisting at least 8 people into the shower/and dressed.
  • If it is your section that needs complete bed changes then you need to strip off all 14 beds before 7.30 am so that the laundry staff can collect the sheets.
  • Once your list of at least 8 are assisted then you go back to all residents in your section and assist where it is needed.
  • When everyone is heading up to breakfast, then its a mad rush to make all beds with fresh sheets
  • After you assist all residents back from the dining room around 8.30am to 9.00 am then your job description changes again.

Morning Shift

The morning shift is the hardest of all shifts. There are many residents that need to be taken care of, with such little time for each one. If you really looked at assisting all 14 residents between 6.00 am and 8.00 am you really only end up with around 11 minutes per resident. That seems unlikely but that is all the time you are allowed. That means giving out hugs and kisses in the fastest possible way, and assisting with their daily living needs. HOW can each resident be seen to effectively? Not sure, but it seems like a up hill battle of trying to fit in all a nurse is expected to each day, as well as carry out all Nursing Job Descriptions that goes hand in hand with being a Nurse.

Not to forget about their Nursing Care Plan, which each Nurse is expected to read up on. Then there is the never ending paper work trail that seems to go on and on when dealing with each residents, especially when a resident has “an accident” or “behaviours out of character”. What about the cleaning side of the Job Description? Within a shift each Nurse is expected to keep the facility up to a certain standard by making sure bins are emptied, linen is clean, dishes are taken to the kitchen or washed up, clothes taken to the laundry or put away once clean, and the facility presented well.

Nurses are over worked and under paid – especially when their Nursing Job Description keeps on growing.

Nursing Issues – Nursing With Love.

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