Nursing Issues In Aged Care

October 14, 2010

As an Aged Care Nurse within the industry you are limited to the guidelines provided per facility and the Nursing Standards that each facility are to met  So if you see your Nursing skills are different and could assist the aged with implementing your skills then unless you have a RN that is understanding…you will not be able to change much within the facility

Nursing Issues Faced In Aged Care

Nursing the aged and providing their care….if you were aware of what goes on behind closed doors you would be more than horrified. Many aged care facilities fall within the standard of care that is expected from each staff member, but there are also many aged care homes who have staff that break every rule under the sun – as long as they tick the boxes and crosses the squares they are able to continue with their funding.

If you were to see behind the scenes and be exposed to the lack of care from some of the A.I.N you would soon realise how many Nursing Issues In Aged Care are being swept under the carpet.

It is very difficult to be a good A.I.N in a facility that is run for money. The Staff are more concerned about making sure the paper work is filled out then caring about the residents. It is a very big Nursing Issue that Aged Care is now facing…..treating residents like a number instead of a human being is not acceptable.

What gets interesting is to see many new Cares walk through the door, fresh out of school/college/degree and have to face the day to day tasks each and every A.I.N is expected to carry out. As a new Carer to the industry I cried for many weeks on end – about so many issues. From the lack of staff that cared, to the lack of time provided to each person, to the lack of physical contact each resident received. There would be a huge out cry if an animal was treated the way those Residents are treated.

Nursing Issues Continue

Many aged care facility have had to improve the standard of care to continue running their nursing home. Many more still get away with so much that should be changed, and hopefully one day will be changed. You know the really weird thing about seeing how some of those so called staff members behaviour towards the residents….is what happens when they need to be in a nursing home and cared for? What then?

10 Nursing Issues Within Nursing Homes

  1. Residents are woken up at 6.00 am every single morning, even if they still want to sleep.
  2. Showered and Breakfast before 8.00 am
  3. A.I.N are only allowed 11 minutes per resident every morning if we are to have the Resident ready in time
  4. In that 11 minutes beds need to be made, rooms cleaned up and residents made to look good.
  5. After Breakfast Residents are placed back into their rooms – to look at four walls or if they are lucky to watch T.V.
  6. Each Resident needs to fall into the Aged Care Facility time line – or at least in a time line that suits the carers.
  7. If the Resident behaviour is not acceptable – then the R.N will organise the Resident to be charted with paperwork and medication ordered……what a huge Nursing Issue In Aged Care that one is.
  8. Every Resident must eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or be asked to eat at least something even if they do not feel like eating.
  9. Medication must be taken, or if not able to swallow then it must be crushed and placed in food or jam.
  10. More and More paperwork needs to be filled out to receive the funding for each resident, even if the Nursing Home can not back up the person behaviour with the paperwork – its a huge Nursing Issue… the end of each shift the facility must have the paper work completed.

Nursing Issues Need To Change

For Residents to be loved, and to feel love then some (if not all) Aged Care facility need a good shake up. They need to realise that animals are treated with more love, more time, more respect and more one-on-one care then what residents are given. Do you have any idea what Nursing Issues In Aged Care are occuring every single day?

Nursing Issues – Nursing With Love.

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