Nursing Issues From The Staff

November 2, 2010

Within any Nursing facility there are always Nursing Issues. Be it from the residents point of view, the families point of view or the Staff’s point of view. Who is right and who is wrong with their own personal views? No one is right and no one is wrong, its a matter of having two different opinions.

Nursing Issues From The Staff

Nursing Issues within a Nursing Home or Nursing facility can either be a small incident or could come from a huge accident. What I will be discussing here at Nursing-Issues is the Staff and the problems that occur within the tight knit community of nurses groups. With groups I mean a group of like minded people who are around each other doing their lunch break, tea break or smoke break. Yes – Nurses have smoke breaks whenever they get a chance.

Staff Attitude

Sometimes you will see a whole group of women sitting and having their break together. This is called a group of the “In” crowd. Heaven forbid if you are part of that group and fall out with one of the women’s point of view. Its even worse when you are not consider part of the “In Group”. Its almost like you are back at high school and you are judged by your looks, your clothes, your mouth and if you smoke or don’t smoke.

The “In Group” will take breaks together as much as possible. They will all have the same attitude on life, and the same attitude on Nursing. Its almost like they are carbon copies of each other. Being part of the group, you are guaranteed to keep your job, no matter on how you carry out your duties. Each of those group members will look out for others back and cover their mistakes for each other. If you are on the outside of the group be very careful what you say and who you say it to. Nursing Issues from the Staff are rampant and could easily get out of hand.

Staff Attitude Towards Residents

Within the “In Group” there are lots of view points from the Nurses towards the Residents. Depending on how the resident behaves andĀ  falls within the system will determine how the Nurses display their attitude towards the Residents. They will soon be speaking about the residents in the tea room, smoker area and amongst each other. The privacy issues that are meant to be displayed for each resident is soon forgotten. Its almost like Nurses think they have a right to say whatever they think about the aged person, and not think of them as a person with feelings.

If the aged person has a strong personality and has a voice, and will use their voice then they become a person who is classed as “Naughty” or “Nasty Piece of Work”. The aged person is soon discussed amongst everyone and their behaviour is soon on a chart and to be assessed as needing “Medication assistance”. If their behaviour does not fit the criteria of the paper work, never mind because the paper work will soon be filled out anyway.

Nursing Issues From The Staff

There are many more Nursing Issues from the Staff towards Residents and will covered here on Nursing Issues – Nursing with love in part two next time.

Have you a story to tell about the “In Group” at your facility?

Leave your thoughts below, and I will get in touch so you can have your story featured here on Nursing Issues.

Nursing Issues – Nursing with love.

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