Nursing Issues – Caring For The Aged

October 27, 2010

How is it possible to Care For The Aged within a Nursing Home when there are so many Nursing Issues? To name a few problems within our system….there is never enough time, never enough nurses, never enough resources and never enough caring staff.

Caring For The Aged

It would be a real eye opener for the someone from the government of Australia to have to spend one day in a Nursing home as a resident, without receiving any special treatment. I would so love to see that happen.

It would really give the Nursing Industry a huge shake up if a member of parliament went in under cover as an aged person who was depending on the system to take care of them before they died. If Nurses could care for a person that had power behind their name, but were not told who that person was (going in under cover) and had the same treatment day in day out as our age received….be very interesting to see what the outcome was on that one.

Nursing Issues Within Our System

Here is a small list of Nursing Issues that occur no matter what state you are in, no matter what nursing home you are in, no matter who you are or if you had all the money in the world –

  1. Lack of qualified Staff members
  2. Lack of quality Nurses – AIN, EEN, RN’
  3. Lack of time
  4. Lack of structural tasks
  5. Lack of expected care from one carer to another
  6. Lack of instructions handed out to new nurses
  7. Lack of money to improve the facility or the money to provide resources
  8. A burnt out feeling amongst the staff
  9. Lack of care attitude amongst some of the older staff members – who have been nursing for too many years
  10. A general feel of lets cut corners so that the work can be done in time – not concerned with completing the task with quality.
  11. A competition amongst the staff to see who can attend to as many residents as possible every morning
  12. A feeling of “What Can I do, I am only an AIN” so lets go with the flow instead of improving the system.

Aged Care System Is Failing

We are failing to provide good quality care to our elderly in so many ways, and in so many states. It is Australia wide problem and our aged are too frail to speak out. So Nursing Issues – Nursing With Love – speaks out for all those that have no voice. Stand up and have your say.

Nursing Issues needs your story. If you are a Nurse and have your story about how our system is failing our aged then have your say. Fill out the contact form here. Put your voice out there so the system has to take notice and improve.

Nursing Issues – Nursing With Love.

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