Nurse Staff Agencies

December 5, 2010

Within Aged Care Nursing Homes there is often a lack of staff. Be it from Staff calling in sick, or staff leaving – even staff being overworked and underpaid leads to a shortage of staff. This leads to Registered Nurses (R.N) having to call Nurse Staff Agencies to cover shifts.

Nurse Staff Agencies

Aged Care nursing homes are always looking for new staff members. It is one Nursing Issue that all aged care facilities have – a lack of staff, and a lack of resources. It only takes a flu bug or tummy bug to be shared amongst the A.I.N, E.E.N or R.N and then the facility is lacking in carers. That is where the  Nurse Staff Agencies step in, called in to replace those that are not able to work for their rostered shift.

If there is enough time for staff members to call in sick – at least the day before or at the latest the night before then it sure makes replacing staff easier. But if the carer wakes up sick and has to be in that very day(calling in sick at the last minute) then the facility is in a real pickle. There are usually a list of staff that can be called upon (casual Staff) at late notice, but sometimes those call on staff are not available. If the Nurse Staff Agencies are not able to supply any of their staff members then who is going to cover the shift? Sometimes the night Staff can stay back for a few hours until there is a carer that can be contacted and arranged to come in. When that situation does happen more than one Nurse Staff Agency will be called upon.

How Do You Work for Agencies?

If you are a registered Nurse then you will be in high demand wherever you work…be it in Nursing homes or hospitals there is always a need for RN’s. Even Assistant Nurses (AIN) are able to choose where and when they want to work. There are two options when you are working for aged care….work for the company or work for an agency. There are positives and negatives for both options. Here are a few good reasons why you would register with Nurse Staff Agencies

  • Choose your hours and days that you would prefer to work
  • Choose which nursing homes you do want to work at and which nursing homes you do not to work at
  • Never have to deal with Staff Issues because you will be sent to many different facilities on many different days/times
  • Become very good at your job because you will be exposed to a variety of job tasks and situations
  • Take time off for holidays whenever you want, all you need to do is request your leave with the Agency and you take as many holidays per year as you would like

Whats the downside to working as a Nurse Staff Agency?

  • Not have a close relationship with any residents because you go to many different facilities throughout your work week
  • Never have any friendships with the regular staff….the staff that are employed with each nursing home do not like to work with Staff from Agencies
  • Have to find your own feet when starting a shift and sometimes not know what care plan each resident has
  • No pay if you are off from work, so when you are working you need to put aside money for times that you are sick or need a holiday.

If you like to work at a variety of Nursing Homes, meeting a variety of residents/clients then you will be suitable as a Nurse Staff and registering with Agencies.  It depends on your personality and how you are able to adapt to all working skills. “Nurse Staff Agencies” also have a  higher income bracket!!

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  1. Bryan on March 1, 2013 at 11:40 am

    Even overseas, there are lots of opportunities for nurses and nursing assistants. For those who wants to be nursing assistants, there are plenty of training schools out there and you could received a sizable income on your nursing job.

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