Love Your Job/Hate Your Job

September 28, 2010

With anything in life it is how you carry yourself that will affect your Nursing Job. Another Nursing Issue is you either love your job or you hate your job. Being how demanding Nursing is you would really need to love it so that you are happy.

Love Your Job/Hate Your Job

Love your job in Nursing and it will help the residents feel comfortable and happy. Hate your job and the residents suffer. That is sad. That is not right. If you are burnt out from being over worked then it is time for another career. Love your job and the residents will love you.

Hate Your Job

The residents can see someone from a mile away who does not like their job. As a Nurse I can spot someone a mile away who is burnt out. That really gets my back up. For goodness sake – get out of nursing if you are not prepared to make residents smile. They are in an aged care facility waiting to die. There is no escape for them, there is no passing go and collection more time in life. When there time is up, its up. Some of them last less than an year in nursing, some maybe a few years. So if you are an aged care Nurse smile. Its not going to hurt you.

How would you feel if someone grumpy walked towards you without a smile on your face? It would not feel very good. I know that a smile sure makes a resident feel better about themselves and can turn there day around.

Love Your Job – You Will Be Rewarded

If you love your job, then the rewards are huge. From other residents loving you, to even speaking highly about you to the Don of the facility. To even the kitchen staff appreciating your lovely smile. How good would you feel if you were appreciated and recommended for more shifts?

With Nursing it is a hard job. It is a job without Thanks. But the rewards come in many different ways and forms. From many different areas within a facility. So are you a Nurse that Hates Your Job and burnt out? Or are you a Nurse that Loves your Job and it shows?

Love Your Job/Hate Your Job – you decide!!

Nursing Issues – Nursing With Love.

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