Nursing Issues

August 31, 2010

Nursing is a job that you either hate or love. It sure is not about the money. Within any industry there are always politics to be dealt with but with the Nursing sector there seems to a few Nursing Issues that need to be addressed.

Nursing Issues With Love

If you are a nurse, welcome to the club. If you are not a nurse but love to be one – fantastic. If you are here at Nursing-Issues then please take on board what is shared here with a smile, a laugh or even a tear. Nursing is one of those jobs that you either hate or you love. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

Lack Of Time

One of the main issues within Nursing is the lack of time. Each and every day there are set residents/clients that need your attention and only so many hours within a day to attend to each person needs. The number one frustration amongst the work force seems to be a lack of time….and a lack of staff members to share the load around. Sometimes the shift can last for 3 hours, or 5 1/2 hours or even 8 hours. Then again a nurse might end up doing a double shift. That soon becomes another nursing issue….

Over Worked

A huge Nursing Issue is over worked, under paid. If you are a nurse you will understand how another nurse feels about the amount of hours we are required (begged) to work. For legal reasons there are only so many days in one work/fortnight that we are supposed to work. Some how the legal requirements are worked around and nurses can easily work over time/double shifts/weeks on end without time off. The other day I heard of one nurse who was going over 20 days in a row!! Gosh my hat goes off to that staff member.

Over Worked leads to another Nursing Issue…Burnt Out. In the nursing industry it is so very easy to be burnt out – quickly. If you are new to the industry you might feel like you have to prove yourself. It is a very cut throat industry, with lots of comments about other staff members….so the new ones work as many hours as possible, without taking lunch breaks or morning/afternoon breaks to try to keep up with the older staff members. Time after time I have seen many of the “Older” staff members burnt out, and the new ones soon heading that way.

Nursing Issues

There are many Nursing Issues that can be covered here and many different topics discussed. Here you will find a up to date account of one nurse who is experiencing the love of the nursing industry, along with the politics – the lack of time/ the lack of staff and the lack of resources.

How This All Came About

As a ghost writer of this blog please accept that all names will be changed whenever a person is spoken about. No real person will be revealed, stories will be based on experiences but with differences added so that no one will be able to be identified. Due to the legal requirements that each nurse takes on as a pledge when they do become a nurse “To Do NO Harm to others, and to only do GOOD” the writer of this blog will never reveal who they are, so please do not ask as you will be offended when you are not answered!

Nursing Issues – Nursing With Love.

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