Aged Care Queensland

March 18, 2011

There are a lot of Aged Care Nursing Homes throughout Australia so how do you know which Aged Care Queensland Nursing Home is going to be suitable for your loved family member? Trusting your precious family member to an Aged Care Home is a big task and finding one that is suitable will depend on your family members needs.

Aged Care Queensland

The ageing population is growing in numbers. The baby boomers are getting older and need to either enter into a Nursing Home or have home care come to them. Either way you will want to do your research before deciding on which Aged Care Queensland nursing home you are considering for  your Mum/Dad/family member. Does the Aged Care Queensland facility cater for Ageing In Place? What about quality of care, and the policy on residents rights?

Aged Care Facilities

There are many Aged Care Queensland Nursing Homes that on the outside look good but on the inside is another matter! What really goes on behind closed doors? If only you knew. Each Nursing Home has to meet the accreditation board and pass certain standards. About 10 years ago there were a lot of Aged Care Queensland nursing homes that were not meeting the accreditation standards and were getting away with their low level of care until they were either caught out or residents died.

Aged Care Standards

The Accreditation Standards are concerned with ensuring that the quality of care and accommodation in an aged care facility is of the highest standards. The standards are based on the principles of

  1. Equality
  2. Accessibility
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Affordability
  5. Flexibility

Aged Care Queensland (and Australia) facilities must demonstrate via policy and procedure plus practice that they are meeting the standards and are also demonstrating quality improvement. Each Aged Care Queensland facilities have to pass their accreditation standards test to be allowed to operate, receive funding, and allow more residents to enter the Aged Care Queensland nursing home. If an Aged Care Queensland nursing home loses their accreditation certificate they are suspended for three months from accepting new admissions, and have to improve their standards within three months to continue operating. It is almost impossible to operate an Aged Care nursing home without accreditation.

Duty Of Care

Under the Aged Care Accreditation Standards every Aged Care Queensland nursing home must carry out a Duty of care while working as an aged care nurse – or as Assistant In Nursing (A.I.N)  Duty of Care covers work practices that through actions or in in-actions of AIN at Aged Care QLD facilities ensure that no harm will come to another person who is either relying on them to be careful while caring for them. Duty of care is also caring within a persons scope of knowledge and skills. So an AIN needs to have completed a Certificate III in Aged Care Nursing or be enrolled in CERT III while working in Aged Care QLD.

What Happens When You Do Not Find An Aged Care QLD Nursing Home?

So if you are searching for an Aged Care Queensland Nursing Home and your research has not provided you with a suitable nursing home -what then? There is a new way of Aged Care in Queensland and it is by far the best solution to what Nursing Homes are out there. If you want a Nursing Home that is different in the way the care is carried out but still provides 24 hour Nursing Care then you really need to see if there is a Seasons Aged Care Nursing Home located in Queensland. There are four different Seasons Aged Care in Queensland with many more opening up in 2011. You need to discover an Aged Care Queensland Nursing Home that is the new way of aged care “Seasons Aged Care Queensland”.

Nursing Issues.

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2 Responses to Aged Care Queensland

  1. AML Exam on March 30, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Quality care is what people go after in health care facilities. As nurse this is one of the biggest realizations that I had when I was still a student. The services the hospital or the facility offers the equipments and resources that it has and lastly but the most important is the people giving health care in it. It’s good to hear that facilities like Aged Care Queensland are making steps for them to be accredited as a qualified health care facility. This does not only ensure good and high quality health care service but also safe practice and environment for patients.
    AML Exam recently posted..Thanks For Visiting!My ComLuv Profile

    • Nursing on April 19, 2011 at 2:46 pm

      It sure is important to have good quality aged care staff when dealing with the aged care people. Shame there is not more centers opening up state wide that are into looking at a new way of aged care.

      Nursing Issues

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