Aged Care Facilities

July 2, 2011

When its time to choose an Aged Care Facility you want to get it right the first time! There would be nothing worse then having to look for another Aged Care Facilities after moving your family member already into one. There are many decisions that need to be made when you are looking at nursing homes, and it all depends on what level of care you are after, to which Aged Care Facilities you will choose.

Aged Care Facilities

There are so many Nursing Homes that it soon becomes too confusing and to hard to make the decision of which one is going to be the most suitable one for your family and your family members needs. But you want to make sure you are doing the right thing and looking at for you loved one. There are a few checklists that need to be covered before choosing one particular nursing home over the other. Not all Aged Care Facilities are the same.

What To Look For In Aged Care Facilities

  • good quality nursing care
  • the ability for high care if so needed, or for when it will be needed
  • the ability to age in place, so that your loved family member can stay in the one place while agingAged Care Facilities
  • how many staff are available for each resident
  • Are doctors on call when its needed?
  • Is there different therapists for different special needs
  • Are meals catered for each personal dietary requirements
  • Will privacy be provided when its needed
  • Will assistance with personal care needs be available when needed?
  • Are there any hidden cost associated for care provided?
  • Will activities be provided to keep the aged care person active?
  • What about visiting times, when is family and friends allowed to visit?

 Aged Care Facilities Are Different

If you could see behind the scenes of an aged care Nursing Home you would be surprised with how each one is different, and how much goes on when no one is looking. Its a real eye opener working in aged care facilities and seeing how many nurses care with different feelings. You really need to spend a day with the Aged Care Facility that you are looking at, so that you really see what the aged care nurses are like. They might put on a good front because you are there, but within a short amount of time, you will be stunned with how their standards drop! Its like the nurses know what they can get away with because no one is looking!

Nursing Issues

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