Aged Care Act 1997 For Nursing Homes

November 11, 2010

Due to the poor standards of care that was on offer in our Nursing Homes for many years, and to the number of abuse that was occurring with our elderly the government introduced the Aged Care Act in 1997 and many nursing homes were now affected.

Aged Care Act 1997 For Nursing Homes

The Aged Care Act 1997 For Nursing Homes or as it is commonly known in the industry – The Commonwealth Aged Care Act 1997 was brought in after many nursing homes were either failing our residents miserably or abusing the elderly beyond what anyone thought was possible. There were some terrible acts that were infected from carers in the forms of sexual abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse. There was even times when residents were so badly hurt and then left alone in the hope that no-one would be the wiser.

The Commonwealth Aged Care Act 1997

This Act applies to all aged care facilities that are funded by the commonwealth government. Under this Act all facilities are expected to meet a certain standards – a minimum level of standards. This means that the facilities that want their funding to continue they must prove the meet a set of 4 standards, 44 sections and 170 criteria.

What Does This All Mean For The Residents?

The Standards are a set of regulations that must be meet with the minimum level of care that must be afforded to all residents in care. The standards come within the Commonwealth Aged Care Act and are law. If the standards are not met the facility will not be awarded their accredition. If the facility loses their accredition they are not allowed to admit new residents until the standards are met. It is almost next to impossible to prove that the level of care has changed and improved, and takes at least three months with new care provided to all residents and all the paper work completed to show their has been an improvement.

The Accreditation Standards

Witin the accreditation standards all facilities need to be concerned with ensuring that the quality of care dand accomation in an aged care facility is of the higest care standards and is based on the following principles

  1. Equity
  2. Accessibility
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Affordability
  5. Flexibility

Aged Care Act 1997 For Nursing Homes

Yes there are rules and regulations in all nursing homes. There has to be in todays world, but is the aged care act 1997 effectively working in Nursing Homes?

Lets take a look once more at the list of principles above….Equity. Is all aged care people treated equally in nursing homes since 1997? Not likely.

  • Accessibility – Since the aged care act was brought in all nursing homes are meant to be accessed by all and everyone. Yet they are still means tested, and sometimes are not located in the best position possible.
  • Respinsiveness – A good long word that the aged care industry needs to look up the meaning of in the dictonary or what about trying wikipedia and seeing if the Aged Care Nursing Home is coming anywhere close to providing.
  • Affordability…. maybe for the rich or the famous. Those that can not afford to be able to enter a facility that has the best care usually ended up settling for a facility that takes them on the basis of “Means Tested” which means that centrelink becomes invloved and you end up to your eye balls in paperwork.
  • Flexibility. We are talking about Aged Care Nursing Homes and their systems. Believe an AIN in when they say there are no flexibility with time schedules, care plans or even basic day to day. Most facility are run like a tight ship.

So on reflection what is the use of the Aged Care Act 1997 For Nursing Homes when the system is so outdated? Not sure – maybe you have your own thoughts?

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