Advocate for Residents Rights

December 1, 2010

When Grandparents can no longer look after themselves, or stay in their own home then a family member usually steps in and makes arrangements for them. That is when an Advocate for Residents rights is necessary.

Who Is An Advocate For Residents Rights?

A legal way of looking after a person who is not able to care for themselves is Enduring Power Of Attorney – EPOA. But is this the best way of really making sure our Grandparent is being looked after? Sure it is if the EPOA has the Grandparent’s best interest at heart. That is where the grey lines start to come in to play.

What about the EPOA who step in and think that they are looking after their loved one and doing what is right? That’s all good and well if the Grandparents/Elderly is being looked after…..yet what If they are not? Who is the Advocate for the Residents Rights?

So how can you tell who are doing right for the Resident and who are abusing their EPOA? There are laws that protect our elderly people, and if they are accessed then there are steps to be put into place to make sure there is no elder abuse.

Residents Rights Abused

What happens to the Elders that are moved from their local area and into a Nursing Home where no one knows them? They may be moved from even their own town into another town and no one in is the wiser. So if the family step in, take over everything from finances to health arrangements, who is to guide the EPOA?  Too many times Elder people are dropped off at the Nursing Home doorway, with a few belongings and then left to defend for themselves. This is a classic case of Residents Right Abused. Sometimes the Elderly residents are not even visited from any family members. It is called the “Drop Granny and Run” situation.

How Can An Advocate Speak Up For Residents Rights?

There are many “Drop Granny and Runs” that happen all over Australia, its more common than you think. There are no actual numbers to say how many cases happen each year because most cases go un-noticed. How can the family be caught out if the resident is moved into a town where no other resident or carers personal knows them? Who will be their Advocate? There is no evidence to show how well off the elder person was before the EPOA stepped in. If there was no evidence then how could anyone protect the elderly?

Imagine The Drop and Run Scene

Can you imagine how the older person must be feeling? Being dropped off at a Nursing Home with no one idea of what is going and who is going to be looking after them. What about the family member who has taken over the elder’s life and walked away? There must be an Advocate for the Residents Rights that can take care of the situation. The EPOA must have a really good excuse for taking money, taking possessions and taking over the house of someone that they love. Is it an excuse that is allowed to continue? Should our elders be treated this way? How can “Drop Granny and Run” be stopped? An Advocate for Residents Rights needs to be put into place.

It would be great in the ideal world to have a way to protect our elderly people but it is not an ideal world. Is there any steps that can be put into place that we can monitor to stop the “Drop Granny and Run”? Is there an Advocate for Residents Rights that can speak up?

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