Old People Homes

September 16, 2011

Is there such a thing as Old People Homes that are run with respect? The type of respect that the staff can feel from the managing director right down to the aged care residents?

Old People Homes

Old People HomesI am not saying that Aged Care Homes should be called Old People Homes, actually I think that our aged care people should have more respect than that. The Aged Cafe Facilities are set up with a system that does not allow for the feelings of the aged care people to be taken into account. It all comes down to a money. How much money the Old People Homes can create at the end of the financial year, with spending as little time as possible caring for each resident. Take the Special care unit in Nursing Homes. Most places have 14 residents to 2 carers. That means within an hour and half of starting a shift 14 residents need to be woken up, given personal care, beds made, and ready sitting at the dinning table. How can that be possible?

Behind Closed Doors – Looking At Our System

Here is small extractof what is in the ebook “Behind Closed Doors – A Closer Look At Our System”

There seems to be such a high turnover of staff within the aged care industry. Again this boils down to how the system is working (or not working in some cases). Due to the lack of time and money within Nursing Homes, good quality AIN’s enter the work force with high expectations and soon realise that they are not cut out for the job and leave. It’s almost like the good quality staff members stay for such a short period of time, and the old timers stay because they have moulded themselves to fit within the time-frames/lack of funding and lack of quality activities provided. Not sure how or when the AIN’s start to fit into the system, and forget who they are, but you can tell with speaking to the Nursing staff who are new to the industry and who have been there for a very long time

There is a lot more information about the Aged Care System in the Ebook. Get Your Own Copy and discover for yourself what happens behind closed doors or Old People Homes.



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