Nursing Homes Under Staffed

February 1, 2011

Did you realise that in Australia most (if not all) Nursing Homes are Under Staffed.  There is a high population of Aged Care needing assistance, and yet there are not that many nurses entering into the industry.

Why Our Nursing Homes Under Staffed?

So why is it in the year of 2011 are our Nursing Homes Under Staffed? I am not talking about a few staff missing, I am talking about a State wide shortage of Aged Care Nurses. Its not that hard to imagine – a facility of over 100 aged care people and only a few staff members to oversea each resident. Some mornings there are more staff on, but by the afternoon you will find most facility have two staff members per 120 residents! How can each resident receive the care that they need? What about quality care?

Aged Care Nurses Needed

There is a cry for aged care nurses in the industry – but gee who would want to work in the industry? Did you know that most Assistant In Nursing get around $17.00 per hour for their shift if they are employed as permanent part-time! Casual staff do get a bit more in money – but not that much. Considering what the job description requires from each staff member who can blame the lack of staff? A.I.N are expected to do at least 8 hour shifts, sometimes even do a double shift. Within that 8 hour shift each staff member cares for at least 10-14 residents. Some residents are two assist, some are one assist. Those Residents are Grandparents, Great Grandparents. They might be your Grandma or Grandpa. Or even your Mum or Dad – so think about that….How would you like your loved one looked after by a Staff member who is run off her/his feet?

More Aged Care Residents

The Older Population is growing, at a very fast rate. They have worked out that in another 10-20 years time that our population will manly consist of aged Care People. Aged Care People, who need to be looked after in Nursing Homes. So if there is more aged care people, less young people and less people willing to enter the Nursing System – what happens then? Who will be there to care for our most precious people? The Nursing Industry really needs a good shake up – fix the system so that Nursing Homes are no long Under Staffed. The pressure on us Nurses is huge – from paper work to answering to Registered Nurses and the Director of Nursing…who in their right mind would enter the industry?

Nursing Homes Need More Staff

Its simple – Nursing Homes Under Staffed is because nursing homes need more staff. To attain more staff numbers, Nursing Homes need to look at their system and improve what they are doing – what they have done in the past and what can be changed for the future. Nurses deserve a better pay, less residents to carer ratio and better working conditions. The year is 2011…..lets reflect that with upgrading a very outdated Nursing System.

Do you work in the aged care Industry? What are your thoughts about Nursing Homes Under Staffed?

Nursing Issues.

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2 Responses to Nursing Homes Under Staffed

  1. Yasmin on August 26, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    My mother is in a nursing home that is understaffed. Even though they have got more residents and almost at full capacity they haven’t put on more staff to meet these needs. The owners get a huge amount of money as the bond is at least half a million plus weekly fees of $710 pw. It’s supposed to be an extra services facility but often residents are just sitting around due to lack of activities.

  2. Bryan on February 28, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Better pay for nurses means bigger pay from clients to collect. But I believe the nursing houses receive good amount of income to compensate their nurses goods. Also, the salary of the nurses depends on the state and their experience. But its true also, the nursing homes should apply the proper ration for nurses and patients.

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