Nursing Homes Shut Down

July 2, 2011
By Nursing

There are a lot of Nursing Homes that are open and are operating under the Nursing Standards that are expected of them. So how can they keep staying open and why aren’t more Nursing Homes Shut Down?

Nursing Homes That Should Be Shut Down

Nursing Homes Shut DownAs a Aged Care Nurse (A.I.N) I have seen some Nursing Homes that should be shut down, and never be allowed to operate ever again. It is not the best conditions, working in a Nursing Home that is so bad that you go home from a shift work and you are crying in the car as you are driving. It breaks your heart in two, and means that to turn up to work the next day, takes a lot of courage and determination. So how in this day and age are the Nursing Homes allowed to stay open and keep admitting new residents?

Nursing Homes Are Dangerous

There are many Nursing Homes across Australia that should and need to be Shut Down. From a lack of nursing staff, to a lack of caring for the residents from the staff that are employed within the facility. Why is there not more coverage in the newspapers about Nursing Homes Shut Down due to the lack of caring? Sure there are a few aged care facilities that are mentioned in the newspapers as being dangerous for the residents that are living there, and for the lack of hygiene/safety practices. But there are many more that are never caught out, are never mentioned and are getting away with dangerous practices every single day.

From An Aged Care Nurse Eyes

How can it be going on? How can the Nursing Home continue with their behind the scenes care, and never be caught out? Its easy – the Aged Care Nurses know what the rules are, but behind closed doors there are no-one to reveal what is going on. Its worse when you are new to the industry, and you have never worked in a nursing home before. There is no-one to confide in at the Nursing Home, because all the staff that have been there for a long time will and do cover each other.

The Lack of Safe Practices

This is what and can happen in an Aged Care Nursing Home

  • AIN not washing their hands between residents
  • AIN cleaning a residents toileting needs, without gloves, and moving onto the next resident…giving that resident a lolly
  • AIN lifting a resident out of bed without using the equipment that is supplied and recommended for that resident
  • AIN not securing the resident into the lifting device with the provided straps
  • AIN so pushed for time that the resident is left laying in dirty clothes/linen while breakfast is taken care of.
  • AIN providing care for a resident while they are by themselves when it states on their care plan that they are two assist.

Now can you see why many more Nursing Homes Shut Down should be happening? Now can you see why many Aged Care Nurses will not and can not work in the industry? Its too heart breaking knowing how those residents needs are neglected.

Nursing Issues.

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