Nursing Home Jobs

January 4, 2011

If you are wondering about working in Nursing Homes and the jobs that are required from you as a person, then wonder no more. Depending on your personality, and what type of work you are after will depend on what Nursing Home Jobs you take on. There are many different roles in the industry.

Nursing Home Jobs

When you are looking at entering the work force, or want a change of careers Nursing Home Jobs are crying out for new staff each and every day. From cleaners to kitchen hands to AIN’s, EEN’s and even RN’s. There are many different ways to enter into the Nursing Industry. There is also Office Staff, Sales teams, Care Plan Co-0rdinators and Occupational therapist. Sometimes there is even a team of staff that come from agencies – such as massage’s, hair dressers, physiotherapist and Diversion Therapist.

Searching For Nursing Home Jobs

Looking for Nursing Home Jobs sometimes is best done in person – with knocking on the door of the facility and handing in your resume for the Director of the facility to either read and decide you need an interview or to keep for a time when there is a position available. There are also many different options online where searching for Nursing Jobs leads to success.

Training For Nursing Home Jobs

If you are wanting to enter the Nursing Industry as an qualified AIN then you will need to complete a Certificate Three in Aged Care which is course that will cover all you need to know about looking after the aged. Most courses run for 12 weeks full time – some you are able to do part time for 20 weeks. Any course that is shorter than 12 weeks is not a course that is highly recommended due to the lack of knowledge that will be covered.

For EEN courses you will be covering a lot more information and more detailed studies so it will run full time for about 18 months. The course will take time for you to study, completing assignments and essays and gaining far more knowledge than AIN’s. At the completion of your course you will have to prove that you did “hands on” work experience, and pass all of your exams/essays. As a qualified EEN your income will be slightly higher than AIN’s.

Another one to work in Nursing Homes is as an RN – Registered Nurse. To be a registered Nurse the course is full time for 3 years (sometimes 4 years) depending on where you enroll for your studies. There is a lot of information to cover in those three years, and a fair bit of study. Once you have completed and passed your studies you will be qualified and able to work in Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Doctor Surgeries, Clinics, Nursing Homes and in the community. Again you pay will be higher than an AIN, and higher than EEN’s. Depending on your determination to study, your time available and your reasons why you want Nursing Home Jobs will depend on what course you start.

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