Nursing Aged Care

August 15, 2011

As an Aged Care Nurse I have been behind the scenes and seen what the system is like. The nurses do the best that they can, with what they are given to work with but the Nursing Aged Care system sure needs a good shake up! The lack of resources, the high ratio of residents to staff, and the lack of time for each resident is the basics of the ebook “Behind Closed Doors – A Close Look At Our Nursing Homes

Nursing Aged Care

Nursing Aged CareAre our Nursing homes about the people or about the system? In many cases its about the system. Its about how much money you can get from the facility, and how little time we are allowed to spend with each resident. The Aged Care Nurses do the best they can, but we are only one person. If we had a ratio of five residents to one aged care nurse then we could spend quality time with each resident. But in many Nursing Aged Care homes the nurses are 1 to 14 Residents/Aged Care people.

Behind Closed Doors – A Close Look At Our Nursing Homes

If you are an Aged Care Nurse, or you are looking at finding an Aged Care Nursing Home then choose very carefully what Nursing Aged Care home you want to work in, or leave your family member in.

The System is wrong, and that is what the basis of the ebook is all about. Here is a few lines from the first chapter of the ebook…..

“I am a Mother and wife and have always dedicated my time to my family. I love my job as a Mum and being at home when they were little and really needed me was a blessing. This year for the very first time, all my children went to school. This was a huge year for me – “oh wow, now what”?  This was one question I was asking. I felt very lost for the very first time since being married and starting my family. I was asking a lot of questions.

I looked around and wondered what I could do. I had finished year 12 but never thought to go further with my studies. I was a Mum, a wife…. Now what was I to do with my free time?

I had loved the idea of nursing for some time – my late Grandma was a nurse and she had some amazing stories that she loved to share with our family. I knew it was definitely something that I wanted to look into but was still not sure what type of Nurse I wanted to be, nor how to go about studying.

One day after dropping my children off to school, I returned home and was sitting down to a cup of coffee while looking through the local newspaper. Toward the back section, was a page dedicated to training courses and studies that were available”

So started my career in Nursing Aged Care. To say that my eyes were shocked with what I experienced while I was training was an understatement. To say that I was shocked with what some Nursing Homes were allowed to get away with, Behind Closed Doors, was a real eye opening experience. Would I become an Aged Care Nurse now that I know the system? Yes I love being an aged Care Nurse – and I love seeing caring people look after our elderly. Its the system, and the way that it is run that I do not agree with.

Get your copy of “Behind Closed Doors – A Close Look At Our Nursing Homes” – decide for yourself what you think.

Nursing Issues.

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3 Responses to Nursing Aged Care

  1. Australian home care on March 6, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    It really is so hard to take good quality care of every aged patients if there are too many to handle for just 1 nurse. Don’t over load a nurse if you want a more productive nurse.

  2. inhome care on March 9, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Yes! That’s right. You should be careful when choosing an aged nurse care if you don’t want to be one of those maltreated by the mad caregivers.. You know what I’m saying!!! 😀

  3. home care on July 16, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    How much is that book? is it available on ebay?

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