Aged Care In Australia

July 27, 2011

If there was ever a industry that is behind the times it would have to be Aged Care In Australia. We are that behind the times with how we care for our elderly, so much so that we should be ashamed with what we are doing to our most important people of our society.

Aged Care In Australia

Aged Care In AustraliaIts not one particular state that is behind the times with how we care for our elderly. Its not one particular nursing home that is lacking with funding, lacking in staff, lacking with care. Its a industry issue. Every person that enters the Nursing Homes in Australia is a number. They are no longer a person. They no longer have names. They are slotted into the Nursing Homes, and into the care of nurses but their identity is taken away. They are looked upon as being a member of the system. The system where carers have a high residents ratio to cares. Its not a system that is fair.

Why Is The Aged Care System In Australia Failing Our Residents?

There is so much that goes on the aged care nursing homes, a lot that you would not even believe if I told you face to face, let alone in this blog post. The Aged Care System is failing our elderly residents, and its going on all around Australia. The facilities are about how much money they can make, how little staff they have to employ, how they can meet the guidelines that are enforced upon them and how much time can be saved with every resident. Its almost like a cattle yard, where the cows come in one end, and are quickly dealt with before going out the other end. The aged care residents are herlded like cattle with little thought to their feelings.

Changing The System, Changing The Care

If only the aged care Industry would take a good look behind the scenes, and see how our elderly are really being treated. Aged Care In Australia needs to be changed. It needs to have more staff to residents ratio, and needs to have a system where its not about the money, and its not about the time saving techniques….but its more about the care factor. We need to care about our Aged Care in Australia Residents. We need to care about what they want. We need to forget about trying to cut corners. We need to realize that one day we are going to be that elderly person, and we are going to need care.

Nursing Issues.

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2 Responses to Aged Care In Australia

  1. Janet on July 28, 2011 at 3:52 am

    I so agree, the systym here in Ireland is much the same.I am trying to get our health boards to change the way we veiw our elderly but with litle sucuess as yet. Why the need for instatutions where people have to live by schual?.

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