They Are Still People

October 3, 2010

The Aged Care Industry really needs a good shake and Australia is sure behind the times when it comes to aged care. They are still people, with feelings yet most facility treat them like numbers and not as a person.

They Are Still People With Feelings

Every aged care facility has the same outlook with their day to day living…wake them up, get them dressed, get them feed and make sure that they behave or give them medicine to keep them in line. What about the real person behind the outer shell? They are grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunties, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers – they deserve a life that is full of love, and a better way of treatment. They Are Still People.

If you had a dog and it was sick – would it be kinder to put it down then to keep it going but medicate it? Sure would.

If you had a cat and it was slowly dieing of an illness and there was no cure, wouldn’t it be better to put it down? It sure would be more kinder to put it out of its pain then to let it linger and suffer.

So why are we treating our aged care people in such a way that does not make sense? How are we getting away with it in Australia?

Its a matter of funding for most places. Tick all the boxes, cross all the squares and fill out all the paper work. If the resident receives extra funding for their care plan, and they have special behaviour issues then make sure the paper work documents all of that other wise funding will be cut back. So what happens if the resident is receiving extra funding but has no behaviour to back it up with? Easy – fill out the paperwork so that the facility will pass their yearly inspections.

Was It Always This Bad?

Actually Aged Care facility have come along way since they first started out…they have improved. But there is way more room for scope for improvement. Our aged need more then being placed into a room with four walls, and only brought out for meal times.  With the lack of one to one care for each resident per carer …. there sure is room for changes.

They Will Always Have Feelings

My question to nurses is this “How would you feel if you were in their shoes” or “How would you feel if this was your loved one?”

The aged care industry needs a change, our aged care approach needs a change. They are still people.

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