Nursing Dementia

May 18, 2011

A person with Dementia has the same rights as a person without Dementia. They are a human being and deserve to be treated fairly. This also includes the right to be treated with dignity and respect. So how its important when Nursing Dementia residents that you show you care about ther person.

Nursing Demenita

All care should be provided to a person with Dementia in a manner that builds on the strengths and ability to live as independent as possible without putting them at risk.

When providing Nursing Dementia services for a person who has Dementia it should enable them to feel safe and valued, also provide care that keeps the person in a safe environment.

A Nursing home that assists with “Special Care Needs” or “Dementia Residents” needs to be carried out in a manner that respects each client/person with their wishes/needs placed first.

Guidelines For Nursing Dementia Residents

It is important that all carers/Nursing Staff

  • Show they care about the person they are looking after
  • Share the residents life experiences with the person so they feel valued
  • Talk to the person, not at the person
  • Include the Dementia Resident into a conversation and ask them how they are feeling
  • Respect their own beliefs, religion and views
  • Be personal and touch the person to show that you do care
  • Approach care in a non judgement way
  • Take the time to know the person, family members and form a connection so that the person feels important
  • Forget the tasks and remember the person
  • Develop a relationship that has common ground or respect amongst you (including the staff members)
  • Remember the person’s name and call them by their name – not dear or darling as this is speaking down to them.
  • Dress the person with respect so that the clothes match in colours

Way They Behave the Way They Do

People with Dementia do not behave the way they used to, and nurses need to remember this will Nursing Dementia residents. So it makes sense to look at the whole reason why they are now behaving in that manner. Nursing Dementia residents from a nurses point of view means you need to ask a few questions – Are they in pain? Do they need warmer/colder clothes on/off?  Are they hungry or thirsty? Do they need their incontinence pads changed? There are many reasons why a Dementia Person is behaving differently but it’s a matter of looking within the cause. It could be a simple matter of trying to read between the lines to try to work out what is the best solution.

Dementia Residents Need Nurses That Care

People with Dementia can easily become confused so it’s a matter of keeping the environment simple without too many distractions. Speaking in a calm voice with easy step by step instructions ensures that the person does not become over anxious and distressed. It is very important for the carer to remain calm, quiet and not fazed so that the Dementia resident can respond.

Due to the lack of ability to communicate their needs a Dementia resident may lash out and become verbal and or physical abusive. Its important to remember that the person was not always like this and its only because they have Dementia (and not able to communicate their feelings) that they have become different. Nursing Dementia residents means ;ooking at the bigger picture helps to deal with a resident who has behaviour issues.

Nursing Issues.

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