Nursing Aged Care

August 4, 2011

As an aged care nurse you will be expected to work long hours, with little breaks in between. Your feet will hurt, and you will feel the effects in your back, your arms and legs. You will be so tired at the end of the day – all you can do is fall into bed fast asleep before you realise what has hit you. So why would you look at Nursing Aged Care as a job?

Elderly ResidentsNursing Aged Care Benefits

There is a lot involved with aged care Nursing. Its not a job that you can just turn up to, and expect to be paid good money for. Its a job that takes a lot of concentration, and a lot of patience. You will feel like you are a walking zombie within no time, and will wonder why you decided to work in the Aged Care Industry. There will be plenty of times when you would like to work out the front doors and never return again. Yet there are Nursing Aged Care Benefits to working with the elderly.

Looking Past The System

If you look past the current system, and into what is happening with the elderly residents in Aged Care Nursing Homes then you will soon realise how much you have to offer the elderly residents, and how much they can teach you.

Here are 7 Benefits with Working in Nursing Aged Care Homes

  1. You can go drive to work, knowing that you are about to find a different situation as no two days are ever the same when working with the elderly residents.
  2. You could easily bond with one of the Aged Care Nursing Residents, and form a great relationship with them.
  3. At the end of the day you can say goodbye to your residents and give them all hugs as you are walking out the door and know that they truly care about you.
  4. One of your aged care residents could easily teach you a new skill – they are very clever with the amount of knowledge that they have, and share with you.
  5. You could make a difference to the aged care residents well being. If you go to work with a smile, and lots of love, then they will feel that love around them
  6. If you are strong enough, you can be their voice. If they are no longer are able to stand up for their rights, then you could easily step up and speak out. Protecting their rights is your number one priority when working with the elderly
  7. You could help the elderly resident to form friendships with the other residents if you notice that they share the same hobbies, you could introduce them to each other 🙂

The Nursing Industry is not for the faint hearted, and it does take a lot of patience to work along side another Nurse within Aged Care. Nursing Aged Care Industry and nursing homes are crying out for new staff, new nurses and new Aged Care Nurses that work with love. If you have those qualities then you will be a benefit to Nursing Aged Care Homes.

Nursing Issues.

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  1. DJ on June 19, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    I’m looking into possibly getting into the health care field – although I’m not entirely sure what field I want to get into. Possibly nursing. So I was wondering, for those who are already in this field – where is a good place to start? What kind of schooling/training would I need – and what’s a good school? Also, are the benefits and pay rate good?

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