Needs Of The Elderly

September 4, 2011

Is our Aged Care System failing the elderly in Nursing Homes? Are the Needs Of The Elderly being meet in today’s society? There are many issues that are being neglected in the world. One of those issues is the care of the aged care people. They are not respected. They are not cared for. They are not looked after in a way that gives them a quality of life. If you are not sure that is what is happening to our aged care people then you need to look within the system and behind the closed doors. You need to look with your eyes wide open.

Needs Of The Elderly

There are many Nursing Homes. But are they looking after our Elderly people in a way that is respectful? In a way that gives our loved ones security, love, care, time, and patience. The biggest let down our aged care nursing home system has is time. The nurses or AIN are lacking in time.  A lack of time that restricts what quality of care can be provided for each resident. Many nurses feel so guilty for not providing the best possible care and looking out for the Needs Of The Elderly.

Here is an extract from the Book “Behind Closed Doors – A Close Look At Our Nursing Homes”:-

“It still felt like the right decision for me to be taking. I wanted to be a Nurse and I wanted to make a difference to those I came in contact with. I wanted to share my stories of being a Mum with all the residents and share my residents with my family. I knew I was born to be a Nurse.

This was my calling – I was doing this to say sorry to my Grandma. If I could have had one more day with my late Grandma, I would give anything and do anything –but she is gone. So my way around that is to give my time to the elderly and spend quality time with them.

Boy was I in for a shock in my new place of employment.

I was so stunned on my first two shifts. They were buddy shifts with an experienced AIN who has been in the industry for many years and is able to show you the ropes of your first two shifts.

GREAT – I am able to learn slowly about each resident and their needs – was my thought.

How wrong was I? That day was so full on.  I still don’t remember how I was able to get through the whole day without breathing.  Even as a buddy, I was expected to carry the full load of work expected from an experienced AIN. It was a day of literally running from one resident to another resident. There was not time to stop, no time to talk and definitely no time to connect with any of the elderly residents. It is a day that will be imprinted in my mind forever more.

There are no real words to explain how exhausted I was at the end of my shift, and how heartbroken I was for those gorgeous residents”

Want to read more about a ebook that is written from a Aged Care Nurse? One that is trying to share the real world of the aged Care System? Purchase a copy of the ebook by going here.

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2 Responses to Needs Of The Elderly

  1. Elder Care CA on February 3, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    Assisted living is a service that focuses on maximizing each resident’s independence and dignity. This emphasizes flexibility, individualized supportive services and health care to the people. Involvement of the community, as well as the residents’ family, neighbors and friends is encouraged. The availability of staff to meet scheduled and unexpected care needs is playing major role of assisted living care giving.

  2. DJMed on June 19, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    I see the needs of the elderly as just the same as anyone else: Basic needs such as adequate food, clothing, shelter. Companionship, something useful and fulfilling to do if they want it. Usually elderly folks need more warmth in the winter time than do younger folks.

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