Aged Care Nursing

February 9, 2011

If you were going to enter the Nursing Industry would you enter as a Aged Care Nurse and then move onto more studies or would you prefer to work within Aged Care Nursing to care for the aged?

Aged Care Nursing In Details

As a Nurse there are many different levels where you can work within the industry. You could be an Assistant in Nursing, Enrolled Nurse or a Registered Nurse. It all depends on the studies you would prefer to under take, the time you have available to study and the money that you are prepared to pay to study. At the completion of your studies you will be paid different levels according to your level of skill. Still you would need to understand what is involved with Nursing to work within Aged Care Nursing.

Returning To The Workforce

As many Mothers (and Fathers) are aware, once you have raised your children and they are all at school age, its time to look around for what employment skills you have and what industry you are able to enter into. If you are like most parents you start to think that your skills are no longer useful or are outdated. It is also scary having to re-enter the work force once again……when for many years you were a stay at home parent. That is where turning to studies will assist with re-entering the work sector!

Studying Nursing

Aged Care Nurses can now be qualified within 12 weeks (full time) course or 20 weeks part-time. Enrolled Nurses can study and be qualified within 18 months full time, and Registered Nurses can complete their courses within 4 years. Depending on what time frame you have available, what money you are willing to pay, and what you level of Nursing you would like to be will determine what studies you will undertake. It also depends on what age you are entering to study…..starting from school will mean that you will be younger once qualified.

Nursing Homes

The Aged Care Nursing Homes are crying out for qualified Aged Care Nurses. There are many aged care people who are entering facility, with the population soon going to be mainly aged people, and not enough cares to nurse. Soon the Industry will have to re-consider how Nurses are over worked, under paid and treated so poorly. There will be a time when all of the Assistant In Nursing will want a pay increase, better working conditions, less hours per shift and to be treated with respect. There will be no excuses for treating all aged Care Nurses as slaves!

Aged Care Nursing Revealed

Imagine if the public really knew what went on behind closed doors? What would the powers that be have to say about the Aged Care Nursing Industry? There would be a huge out cry if the truth was all revealed about how Aged Care Nursing industries are run – from a lack of hygiene, to a lack of funding, lack of nutritional value, lack of staff (lack of caring staff) to even Directors of Nursing showing an attitude of not caring….how would they cover up the truth then?

Nursing Issues – Nursing With Love

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  1. Diana Collins on June 9, 2011 at 12:05 am

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