Funding For Dementia Care

April 19, 2011
By Nursing

There are never enough Dementia Care Nursing homes and the Funding For Dementia Care never seems enough. There is more and more causes of Dementia coming forward every single day. Back in 2008 there were 227300 people in Australia confirmed diagnosed with Dementia. It used to be more common in the older age group and one out of 4 people over the age of 85 have some form of Dementia. Its actually now common for all age groups and is becoming more noticeable in women over 30 years of age.

Funding For Dementia Care

There are several ways to access Funding For Dementia Care. It depends on many aspects of the persoFunding For Dementia Aged Caren living arrangements, finances, family situations and if they should really be placed into a Dementia Care Nursing Home.  There are tests carried out by the H.A.C.C (home and community care) to assess how much Funding For Dementia Care can be provided to support the person who has Dementia and to provide financial assistance for those caring for their loved one.

Home and Comunity Care Assessment Team

If you are looking after a family member/spouse who does have Dementia then you will also need H.A.C.T  – Home and Community Care Assessment Team to assess if you are able to receive more assistance with home care, or if you need to think about placing your spouse/family member into an Dementia Care Nursing Home. There will come a time when you need assistance, and need more specialised care for your loved family member and knowing all of your options through assessments will ease your mind when that time comes.

Funding For Dementia Care Homes

If you are no longer able to care for your family member who has Dementia, and you are not able to provide Funding For Dementia Care Homes then you are able to apply to the government for funding or even to private organisations that can assist with the cost of Dementia Care Homes. Check out your local health government Dementia Care information site and ring your local H.A.C.T to see what type of funding you and your family will receive.

Services and Support For Dementia Care

There are many different services and support programs for Dementia Care. One of the support services is National Dementia Helpline, which is a telephone information and support service.

Here is the kind of support that the National Dementia Helpline provides

  • Understanding & support for people with dementia, their family & carers
  • Practical information & advice
  • Up to date written material about dementia
  • Information about other services
  • Details of the full range of services provided by Alzheimer’s Australia.

Dementia Support Services Confidential

Telephone Support For Dementia CareThe National Dementia Helpline services is totally confidential. You are able to ring the services knowing that your personal information will not be revealed or shared with anyone else unless it becomes a matte for the law and then certain authorities will have to be informed. (that protects all those that are at risk!)

In many facilities there is a lack of Funding For Dementia Care residents which is a concern. A lack of funding means a lack of resources, a lack of staff and a lack of quality care.  Considering how many there are confirmed having Dementia and that they have confirmed with a study that by 2050 there will be more than a million people with Dementia, there needs to be more  funding to assist with caring for those in the community and Dementia Care facilities.

Funding For Dementia Care is at the all time low compared for funding with cancer research and diabetes, yet Dementia is the third leading cause of death in Australia, behind heart disease and stroke.

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