Care For Dementia

March 5, 2011

Once the elderly become old there are many Nursing Issues that will arise with their day to day living….from safety to health and nutrition to even basic hygiene so what happens to those that experience Dementia? Are you able to Care For Dementia Residents? You will need special facilities for the Dementia person, and will need to be able to provide care that will keep them well love, safe and happy.

Care For Dementia People At Home

If you have a loved family member who is experiencing Dementia then you need to look around your Home and decide that if you are able to provide care that will support your aged care family member and at the same time make it a place that is safe to live. Once an elderly person is going through the stages of Dementia there is many different levels of care that will be needed to ensure your loved one stays safe, cared for and well feed.

Once The Home Is No Longer Safe

Once Care For Dementia becomes too much for you and your family then you will need to look at Dementia Residential Care, where you can leave your loved one in safe hands. Most Care For Dementia is very demanding and will soon lead to Residential Care or a Nursing Home where there are special considerations taken into place to keep the elderly person safe. The Nursing Home will take into account Care For Dementia, with locked doors that require a pin code, specialised Nurses trained with Dementia Care, and activities provided to keep the aged care person interested in their surroundings so that they are settled. It will be hard when you need to make that decision when the time comes that you no longer can Care For Your Dementia Mother or Father or even Wife or Husband.

The Age Of Dementia

The Age of Dementia Residents are becoming younger and younger each year. Some is thought to be brought on by lack of good nutritional food, too much alcohol or even history related. If you the think that Dementia is for only the aged then you are wrong…. only last year in 2010 a young women was diagnosed with Dementia and she did not even realise that she was a Mum to a new born baby. Dementia Care is on the rise, and is becoming one of Australia’s highest medical concern. If you think that you see the first signs of Dementia then it is vital to seek treatment, and to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Dementia Care For You

If you are the carer for a Dementia Person then you need to look after yourself. Take time out of your day to escape and seek assistance where it is needed.  Ask your local Doctor for a Aged Care Team to come out and assess the situation – you could be entitled to home cleaning assistance, shopping assistance, and even time to look after your Dementia Family Member so that you can have a few hours out of the house to do your own activities. If you burn out looking after your Dementia relative than you will be no good for anyone.

Seeking Dementia Care

Once you reach the stage where you are no longer able to care for your Dementia Family member/loved one then you need to seek Care for Dementia. One way is to ring around all the local Aged Care facilities in the area and ask if they have a Dementia Based Unit 0r Special Care Unit (as they are now called) or to get onto the Internet and search for Dementia Care in your area. If you have a good social network of friends, ask around as they also might be able to point you in the right direction. Its a matter of choosing the right Nursing Home Care For Dementia person – one that will be able to provide the level of care necessary for Dementia Care.

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