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The Truth and Lies with Aged Care Behind Closed Doors is an ebook about looking at the Nursing Home Systems. Its written by Nancy Brown, with names changed through out the book to protect all of the people that were shared within “Behind Closed Doors“…..A Close Look At Our Nursing Homes System.

The ebook shares a close look at what really goes on in Nursing Homes, while no-one is looking. It is from an aged care nurse who was too scared to speak up, but is now no longer afraid to sepak out for those that have lost their voice.  The following is a taste of what is revealed throughout Behind Closed Doors ebook….

“The residents come from so many different backgrounds and have so much amazing history. Yet they are placed into a room with four walls, a bathroom and sometimes their own privacy. That is, if the Nursing Home provides rooms for one resident. Some nursing homes have four to a room, and a shared bathroom. Then those residents don’t have any privacy.

If you were able to take the time to ask the resident where they wanted to spend the last remaining years of their life, can you imagine what their answer would be?

I am sure they would not expect their life to end with such a lonely existence. I can remember one resident who was nearly blind. “Betty” was woken every morning way before 6.00 am. She would be lying in her own urine because she had wet past her pad onto the bed. Betty would not ask for assistance because she no longer was able to, she was not able to move her arms. Betty could not walk; she could not move her body to co-ordinate movement. She could not roll over, she could not wash herself, and she could not dress herself and was slowly losing her eyesight. If you were to place a picture up close to her, then she could see little bits of the images.

I did not know of her care plan because I was only in training at the time I came across Betty and was not allowed access to her personal files. All I knew was what the other AIN’s were passing onto me for her day to day living care. Betty was a full sling hoist and was two assist to see to her personal needs. To shower Betty took two to move her from the bed into a shower chair. Once the shower chair was placed into the shower, then one AIN would see to her needs while the other AIN would assist another resident”……and so the story continues!

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