Becoming A Nurse

November 18, 2010

There are many different reasons why you would want to Become a Nurse, and within the Nursing Industry there are some amazing nurses. But really when you look at the Nursing Industry why would you look at Becoming A Nurse?

The Nursing Industry With Many Nursing Issues

Becoming A Nurse takes a certain type of person. Not everyone has the ability to care for another human being, and not everyone has the patience to deal with patients or residents. A Nurse is one in a million – that is the Nurses that do care. At the start of ones career in the industry there are so many hopes and dreams, and an ideal image of how nursing should be.

Yet in reality Nursing is a career that takes patience, love, understanding, compassion, trust, faith, and a whole lot of emotions that soon takes a toll on the Nurse. The industry is full of people that are burnt out, over worked and under paid….imagine working for at least eight hours for under twenty dollars? That is what is expected from Nurses.

Becoming A Nurse

After studying for a Certificate III in aged care, there are more courses that are available for those that want to continue. The next level of study is EEN which goes for approximately 18 months full time or a RN course that goes for four years. After studying that hard and paying off your fees then you enter the work force to become a Nurse and earn a higher income. Does it still have its draw backs? Like with any career there are the positive and the negatives to the job.

10 Reasons Why Becoming A Nurse Is Positive

  1. You will make a difference to someones life.
  2. Nursing is a job of love, love what you do and your job will love you.
  3. There is never a dull moment on the job.
  4. Knowing that you are able to care for someone, and assist them onto the road to recovery – there is nothing like it.
  5. It is a people job so you will get to meet some people that will make a difference to your life.
  6. You are appreciated within your work force, every single nurse is important
  7. Within the industry you will form some great team work, with mates that will be your friends for life.
  8. After Nursing all day, you go home and appreciate the finer things in life.
  9. There is always some one to hug, smile at and be there for.
  10. The Nursing Industry is one that teachers you more about life than any other career or profession.

5 Reasons Why Becoming A Nurse Is Not So Positive

  1. The days are long, and you are on your feet.
  2. Some days there is a shortage of staff so you have to cover more than one section at work.
  3. On a really hard day you lose someone that you were caring for.
  4. The pay is really low for the AIN who are the back bone of the industry.
  5. There are rules and regulations which will keep you within guidelines that sometimes do not work.

At the end of the day what makes a really good Nurse is the ability to show that you care and love another person and that is why Becoming A Nurse is sometimes a in-built feeling. Either you should be a nurse, or if you are burnt out for being a nurse for too long then you should retire.

Nursing Issues – Nursing With Love.

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