Welcome To Nursing Issues

Welcome to Nursing-Issues,

Here at Nursing Issues you will be able to share and experience the life of a nurse who is underpaid, and over worked in the industry. There will be tales of the good, the bad and the ugly!!

Due to legal reasons and the legal requirements of confidentiality all names used in Nursing Issues are changed. All stories will be part truth and also partly changed so that the people involved and the situations that occur will be kept discreet. For privacy issues please do not ask who writes here, nor try to guess who is the creator of Nursing Issues. The purpose of this blog is to assist other nurses that they are not alone in the nursing world, and that there are other nursers out there that are facing the same issues within there job.

So from the ghost writer of nursing issues – welcome aboard. Please subscribe to Nursing Issues so that you can pop on back and keep updated. If you have a story that you would like to add – again as a ghost writer – then email nursingissueswithlove@gmail.com and your wonderful tale can be featured here.

Respect, Love, Dignity, Courage, Faith, Caring, Understanding….all the qualities a good nurse needs and more 😉

Looking forward to sharing the journey of all issues related to Nursing.

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